New machines increase capacity

Almond’s investment programme sees a range of new machines commissioned over the next month. The machines provide increased capacity including a 4-Axis machine, a second 5-Axis machine and a large bed machining centre to precision mill larger pieces.

Over the next four weeks Almond’s factory will become home to the latest sophisticated machining centres from Hurco. A second 5-axis machine adds capacity and flexibility but also increases security for our customers in the event of a machine breakdown. “Our newest 5-Axis machine is state of the art with a swivel head delivering more flexibility for milling the complex components to the high level of precision our customers demand,” says Chris Smith, Managing Director.

A further machining centre increases Almond’s capacity to mill larger components. “Our capability to mill larger components efficiently is being enhanced with our latest investment in a machine with a larger table size and travel to accommodate much larger materials. This enhances our proposition to customers in the aerospace and medical markets,” said Chris.

The third new machine in Almond’s arsenal is a 4-Axis machine. “This complements our stable of 3-Axis machines, but 4-Axis capability will reduce set up times dramatically, increasing production efficiencies and reducing delivery times,” explains Chris.

See our new machines in action below: