New Visor Design

During the Covid Pandemic there has been a high demand for PPE, particularly for masks and visors. Almond have been assisting in the design and manufacture of the Provizage visor. Made in the UK, its unique design does not attach to the head, but sits on the chest, protecting the neck and face from liquids. The reusable visor reduces clinical waste and saves organisations money compared to disposable visors.

Like many innovative companies, Provizage were looking for expertise to bring their design to life and test it. Our design teams began by putting together detailed CAD drawings so the inventors could see their product in 3D against a head form. This helped them refine the design to ensure it could be made cost effectively without compromising quality. Our 3D printing team produced prototypes to check that components fitted together well and potential buyers could see the concept.

“Almond Engineering has provided invaluable expertise that made the process of bringing an innovative British design to market very easy. They were responsive, skillful and helpful, supporting us with their in-depth knowledge of engineering and manufacturing. Having prototypes allowed us to refine the design to ensure we did not make expensive mistakes later in production.   We brought our visor from paper to market in just 8 weeks and could not have done this without Almond,” says Richard Howarth, Provizage inventor.

Almond’s in house Design Team work on a wide variety of projects including Automation, Design for Manufacture, Reverse Engineering of spare parts, Design of Special Purpose Machines and Design of Safety Guards.  We would be delighted to speak with you about any upcoming projects.